Sunday, January 11, 2015

SPARQL Query Tool

SPARQL is an RDF query language, it able you to retrieve results set based on your conditions from an RDF file (such as Tuertle file(s)) or from a SPARQL endpoint (such dbpedia which stores data from Wikipedia web site).
You can imagine what can you retrieve from a rich data web site such as Wikipedia, for example the following SPARQL query will retrieve all triples from Wikipedia web site where "Jordan" is the subject for all these triples:

select ?xlabel ?ylabel
:Jordan ?x ?y.
?x rdfs:label ?xlabel.
?y rdfs:label ?ylabel.
FILTER(lang(?xlabel) = "en")
FILTER(lang(?ylabel) = "en")

you can try this example or other examples on the dbpedia endpoint web query explorer at the following link:

There are several SPARQL query tool to execute SPARQL queries and retrieve the results set such as Twinkle and Jena. Each of these tools has a lot of advantages and some disadvantages, we have developed a new SPARQL query tool that combines the advantages for these tools and avoid the disadvantages.

you can find more about our SPARQL query tool here:

Actually, when you work on semantic web field you already work on the feature of the web.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Merge Multi-VCF files to one VCF file

Actually there are several methods to import contacts to your new mobile from your old mobile ,  but sometimes the result of exporting contacts process is appeared as multi- VCF files ,so - at this situation - you should to merge these files to one file to import it to your new mobile.

Here is the trick  !!!

  1. Open your command prompt (by enter "cmd"  at run dialog) .
  2. Change your directory to that one have the VCF files(ex: suppose the contacts files located at c:\ContactFolder, type cd c:\ContactFolder) 
  3. Type the following command :
Copy *.vcf allContact.vcf

Now you will find a new file called allContact.vcf at the same content folder, you can use it to import your contacts to your new mobile.